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Facts about cell phones:

Every year, upgrades or damage phones make 100 million cell phones obsolete - making electronic waste the fastest growing part of the United States garbage stream. The average recycling rate per year is only 10 percent or less. In short, these used cell phones and electronic contain precious metal and toxic arsenic materials such as lead, cadmium, mercury, chromium and thermoplastic resin such as polyvinyl chloride. When improperly disposed of these electronic and its metal can leak into the ground and ultimately affecting the quality of clean water, agriculture, soil and thus, negatively affecting the Earth and all living things.

At 1st CellFone Repair, we feel responsible for our share of keeping the Earth green by recycling, reusing and responsibly disposing of unusable cell phone parts. If you have unused or unwanted cell phones, you can donate to us or we can buy back from you. Once we receive your used cell phones, we inspect it, erase all personal data, and determine its overall condition. If we determine it has useful life, we will donate your cell phones through a variety of outlets to someone who will use it. As always, the unwanted electronic parts will be responsibly recycled with one of our affiliated, local recycling program. Remember, for every used cell phones that finds a new home instead of a landfill; results in over 90 pounds of (CO2) Carbon dioxide gases from entering our existing environment. Thus, perhaps we all should Re-use and Recycle; keep our Earth Green.