Customer Testimonial

Aaron - Jul 7, 2011 Fast service, great repair, matched a competitor's price with nothing more than an email beforehand. If you are anywhere near the place and you need a service like this, he's worth the trip. Same day repair!

The Higg12910 - Apr 19, 2011 Great Service and Great Prices!! This is the place to bring you phones no matter what the problem is they always seem to get it working like new again. I dropped my iphone in a tub of beer when I was bartending....not recoverable right? Wrong. They completely cleaned my phone out and replaced some parts and it still works great. I always recommend this place to all of my friends.

Partha - Mar 15, 2011 Great customer service very honest work - Met QD for repairing one of my friends iphone 3G. QD was very quick in understanding and finding out what is wrong with the piece and provided me with valuable suggestion to go for the repair. From then on, I started visiting his place with my friend for various Iphone repairs. I should say QD has always been very honest, friendly in his approach and perfect in his work. He has never promised what he cannot do!!! He is one of the best in the business I've ever met.